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Business and Marketing Plans

An entrepreneurial venture in a specialty technology sector required a business plan. We partnered with them for its development and implementation of the marketing initiatives. Primary and secondary research were necessary for product and service market entry. Prospect development strategies have been implemented on an ongoing basis since.

Market Profiling

A software developer required nationwide feedback on the degree of preparedness and interest for their product in a specific vertical market. InfoTech Marketing interviewed more than 24,000 companies that enabled our customer to fine-tune its tactical and strategic plans.

Change Management

An established ISP determined that its long-term success depended on a dramatic change of offerings. They turned to us to re-write their marketing collateral, revise their Web site, analyze their existing customer base for modified penetration opportunities and develop and implement a new marketing plan for entry into their new market.

Prospect Development

A computer technology consulting firm asked InfoTech Marketing to expand their pipeline of potential customers. We interviewed their newest division's customers for further penetration, its other division for cross-marketing opportunities and new prospects for ongoing relationship building.

Win/Loss Analysis

An international client wanted an in-depth, multi-level profiling of its worldwide engagements. We partnered with them to provide an ongoing win/loss analysis with reports delivered to executives and managers. An Intranet/Portal Edition was also provided.

Market Penetration

A midwest consulting firm seeking to extend its regional consistency to seven additional states asked InfoTech Marketing to manage their entire marketing function: monthly direct mail, selective follow-through calls, database management and appointment setting.

New Product and Service Research

A Fortune 500 customer asked us to provide primary and secondary market research in support of new products and services contemplated in their business plans. Our work took us from literature reviews and competitor intelligence to interviews and marketplace price comparisons.

Translation and Localization

Multi-lingual documentation was needed by a client to support the ongoing work of one of their largest customers. Service and quality have been imperative. Thus far, we have translated via electronic media from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Customer Surveys

In order to learn about the business and technology plans of their vast corporate customer universe, a division of a large client looked to InfoTech Marketing to investigate cross-marketing opportunities. Once interviews were conducted, recommendations were offered and actions implemented. The Company, assuming they knew their customers, was surprised by many of their client's responses.

Brand Strengthening

A rapidly growing systems builder and consulting firm felt that an identity awareness campaign was necessary. In order to leverage its strong reputation for quality products and services, we worked with them to re-design their marketing collateral and establish an expanded, ongoing direct marketing program.

Conferences and Workshops

A multi-state systems integrator conducts conferences and workshops on a regular schedule for its customers and prospects. We've been retained to boost registrations (by 20-40%) through aggressive pre-meeting marketing.

Seminar Tours

An international software company promotes its products and services via a multi-tactical marketing strategy. We are regularly retained to market their nationwide seminar tours. We register prospects, provide fulfillment and update the client's database.


Weekly webinars have become an established event for this security provider. We were retained from the beginning to market channel partners and vertical market prospects. Registration, fulfillment of information and incentives, and database updating have been managed remotely.

Database Development

The initial development of vertical markets was a prerequisite for an early stage specialty provider. We have done market research, obtained lists and secured contacts. From this point, we have also been engaged to market the client's product.


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